For teams who don’t all work from the same office or physical location, PukkaTeam will keep you connected, creating your virtual office and bringing you together.

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Instantly know who’s available

No more wondering if someone on your team is away from their desk, just quickly glance over at your PukkaTeam and see instantly.

Have real team presence

Feel more connected with your team and bring real team presence for those that work remotely (in another area of the office or at home).

Update your status

Want to easily tell your team you are not available? You can quickly update your PukkaTeam status to tell everyone on your team, allowing them to quickly see your availability.

Works from your web browser

No installation needed, PukkaTeam works straight from your browser, all you need to do is login and you’re all set.

Click to call

Simple, integrated one-click video calling, easily connect and talk with your teammates throughout the day.

Slack chat integration

We have Slack chat integration! Making it easy for you to start talking with your colleagues, improving team communication and collaboration.

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